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AsakuraHannah [朝暮咄]

朝 : morning [asa]
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咄す : to tell/ narrate [hana]su

"midnight tales till the sun rises"

Ty for all the favourites, I just need to say it and gave you all a squeeze hug

I'm a fan-fictions writer and an Illustrator.
I'm a Happy fujoshi......
__〆(。◕‿◕。) | tumblr | AO


Help Furihata! by AsakuraHannahDA
Help Furihata!
XD Just a random fanart for these two while trying out adobe CC photoshop in office after hour XD;; It's a rare chaaance :P
Too lazy to details on akashi, sorry hahaha

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Cherishing You

Genre: Drama | Romance | AU | Incest | Modern Days

Rating: M

Pairing: (mainly) Levi x Eren, and some other pairing which will be added as the story progressing.

Summary: Having separated from his brother ever since he was a baby, Eren didn't remember the face of his older brother aside from his baby photos. He soon found himself slowly attached to the new guy who appeared in his family's bakery during the first day of his moving.

Disclaimer: I don't own Shingeki no Kyoujin, but this fanfiction is mine. ©AsakuraHannah

A/N: A warning of sexual photo sending. I find myself starting to enjoy writing these three beloved boys. xD

Chapter 11: Solution

“Rivaille… do you want to hear the story of my brother?”

Levi’s eyes widened. His eyes found the torn document in front of Eren’s knees.

The teenage boy who sat in front of him, whom he thought his boyfriend was now glaring at him. Those green eyes pierced his heart, accusing him for not telling anything. Levi cupped Eren’s face, forcefully kissing his lips. The brunette gasped between the contact, grunting in disapproval. Levi’s hand that hold him in place was not helping him getting freedom from his clutch. He gasped when Levi pushed him down to the cold hard floor, glaring down at him. A sharp slap sound ran across the room, Eren pushed Levi away. His eyes pierced right into his face. He pressed his palm against his swollen lips, eyes watered at the realization that he was just kissed by not only his boyfriend, but also his brother.

“Why…” Eren sobbed.

Levi remained silent before he let go of him, letting him make a distance between them. The raven haired man chuckled, he pressed his palm on his forehead. “How could I know… I don’t even remember it myself.” Levi raise his hand to pat Eren’s head. The younger of the two flinched at the gesture. Levi’s hand stopped in the mid air for reaching those soft brown locks of his.

“Just go. Before I rape you.” Levi threw him a look.

Eren gaped at him.


Eren flinched. He stood up and leave the apartment. As soon as he was outside the door, it’s starting to rain. His feet started to quickened his pace, not caring even if he had to paddle through the rain. As long as he could be away from the apartment. Away from his own brother. Away from his own… boyfriend. Tears streaming down his cheeks as the rain went heavier. People who didn’t know the boy was crying would mistaken it as the droplets of rain.


Mikasa stared at the closed door. It’s raining hard outside the house. Eren came home drenched like a drown rat. She could tell what had happened. The worst case had happened but she couldn’t do a thing about it. Ian had gone home, it was up to her of how she should take matters in her hands. Her brother was spoiled child and she could never see him all whiny and fighting a lot. This time though, things were different. It’s love that’s on the way of his problem. It was a delicate matters. Not only Eren’s boyfriend is a lot older but he is also his brother. Mikasa massaged her temple, sighing in a deep thought. She really should have some talk with Levi about this matter. How could the man let this happen?

Mikasa looked down to her lap. Going to Levi means talking to her own brother. The brother whom she thought was buried six feet under when she was eight years old. Her frown went deeper at the thought of meeting the man she knew recently as their regular.

Mikasa sat for quiet hours, letting her inner turmoil fighting inside her mind. She eventually let the tiredness creeping in and turned in for the night.


Hanji leaned forward, staring right into Levi’s frowning eyebrows.

“What, glasses? Stop being so damn odd.” Levi pushed her face with his palm, earning a choked sound in return.

“Levi, that’s not a very nice thing to do. I guess you have to let your frown disappear as soon as possible! You look very old like this!” Hanji poked on Levi’s frown. That action made her almost lost her soul if Erwin didn’t interfere.

Erwin coughed. “I feel bad for interrupting, but there is some lady who wants to see you, Levi.”

“Yo, Erwin! Since when you have a twin? I see him copying your every movement.” Hanji laughed out loud.

“And Levi, I think I warn you about beating Hanji up…” Erwin rose an eyebrow at Hanji’s broken glasses and beaten up features.

“Shut up, Erwin. Control your girl a little, she is disturbing me.” Levi scowled and slammed the door shut.

Erwin shook his head.

Levi stopped when he found Mikasa stood in front of the reception. It was obvious why she called for him. He didn’t need to be told twice that this girl was having a sister complex toward her brother.

“I guess... I better prepare for some abusive-”

“Rivaille...” She called him when he was talking to himself, cutting his train of thought.

That name made Levi cringed.

“You are... Rivaille, right?” Mikasa hastily approached him, eyeing him as if she was seeing someone she knew very well.

“That name again...” Levi ran his fingers through his hair, sighing exasperatedly.

Mikasa stopped, watching his every move. The boy she remembered always have an undercut, frown in some circumstances. How can she didn’t notice anything about it?

“Please tell me you are the brother that I thought was buried six feet under...” Mikasa whispered, shaking her head disbelieve.

Levi took a deep breath then sighing loudly. “Perhaps we can have some private conversation?” he pointed his thumb to an empty meeting room.

Mikasa couldn’t be more agree to it. Following him closely, her eyes examined him from behind. Even if he could be her brother, but how can that possible? He should have said something, they could get some talk or maybe her parent won’t be so worried on his whereabouts.

Levi stepped inside the meeting room, opening the door wide for her to enter first. Silent went through them once Levi closed the door.

“Eren went home all drenched yesterday.”

It started. Levi’s heart thump against his chest.

“Did he say anything?” He mumbled, looking at her searching for some kind of lie hidden from him. He knew she was good at hiding everything inside, knowing how her poker face everytime she talk to people other than Eren or that mushroom-blond-hair boy.

“He shut himself in his room as soon as he reached home. Have you told him about who you are?” With that, she gave him the copy of document Ian gave her.

Levi eyed the document.

“I torn it apart and threw it in the garbage can.”

Mikasa’s eyes widened.

“That guy named Ian keep on pestering me about it. It's fishy because as far as I remember my family never visit me in the hospital. I didn’t even remember anything about the accident. All I know if that my name is Levi, I don’t even know how to spell my name. And that’s that.” Levi eyed the girl with a distant look.

“You mean you… lost your memory?” her voice trembled.

“I don’t know.” he replied to her. “What I know is that Eren suddenly barged into my apartment, rummaging through my garbage can just for this document in which I don’t know whether it's true or a lie. The document seemed legal.”

“Don’t you know anything about how you ended up in the hospital?”

“The only information they gave me was that I’m having an accident where the field trip bus collided with the gasoline truck.”

“It’s true!” Mikasa raised her voice.

“How can you be so sure about it? There are so many accidents. Your brother could have been someone else.”

“But it is you! This photo is you! I-”

“Tell me how do I feel, being forced to believe that I’m dating my own brother. Eren’s mind must have been blown away.” Levi glaring daggers at her.

Mikasa opened her mouth, then closed it once she decided that it might not do any good to force it out. She lowered the document and hide her expression below her bangs.

“Give me a break.” Levi whispered.

The girl shot a frown at him.

Levi turned around and walked outside the meeting room without another word.

Things had been getting more complicated than it should have.


Armin sat on the floor, looking down to his feet while hugging his knees. He leaned back to the bed, staring up to the ceiling. On the bed he was leaning against to, Eren was facing his back to him, staring at the wall. His eyes looked hollow from any emotions.

It’s been two days since Eren absent from school. Last time he called him, he doesn’t seemed to be very energetic. He looked to his phone. Deciding that visting might be better than calling anyway, he gave him a surprised visit. Much to his surprise, Eren’s state was worse than he thought. Having heard the news of Eren’s relationship with Levi, he knew they were facing a dead end.

“Sometimes things can get worse. At least your brother is a alive.” Armin spoke up a harsh statement.


“I’m sorry. It’s just that… I don’t know what to say about this, Eren. But are you sure the document is real?”

“I don’t know, Armin… It’s Ian’s after all. It should be legal. I really don’t know what to say. How can he do this to me? Hiding the fact that he is my… brother…”

“Judging from your story, he could have been confused himself.”


“Maybe something happened? Or it's the wrong person? Did Levi told you anything?”

Eren bit his lip. Everything happened so fast yesterday. He was having a panic attack about the case, and Levi was attacking him as if he was going to force him to… Eren’s cheek turned scarlet. He tightened his grip on the pillow he was hugging. Being kissed by your own brother feels so wrong, yet…

“He didn’t say anything.”

“That’s hard. We can’t get anything out of it. Why don’t you have some more conversation with him? Nicely?” Armin looked at Eren’s back, nudging the brunet to face him.

Eren rolled to his side, frowning at Armin.

“He could have forgotten something, we never know. Maybe he lost his memory?”

“Armin! This is not a joke! What does it looks like to you? A dramatic movie?”

Armin dodge the pillow Eren threw to him.

“Look, try to remember something, Eren. What else happened when he… attacked you?” Armin trailed off, averting his eyes from his best friend.

Eren frown. Trying to recall anything… just anything…

“How could I know… I don’t even remember it myself.” Levi chuckled, he pressed his palm on his forehead.

“Lost memory…?” Eren mumbled.

Both boys looked at each other.

Eren’s eyes widened. He quickly got up from the bed.

“Armin, is there any other way to officially know how you are blood related? Aside from those documents?”


“Come on, Armin! You are soon to be a doctor!”

“Wait, I’m thinking!”



“No no, he himself is a psychiatric!”

“Even psychiatric need one! But that doesn’t really prove anything… it has to have something with blood...” Armin mumbled to himself.

“Any other way?!”

“Shut up for a sec, Eren!”

“Come on, Armin!”

“Okay, DNA test!” the blond blurted out.

Once again, they opened their mouth, pointing their forefinger to each other.

Mikasa who was just arrived in the house wondered what was the ruckus about. At least she could hear Eren’s energetic voice again.


Eren stood by the hospital door. He looked down to his feet. Armin patted his shoulder. They were rushing to the hospital as soon as they got the options. Like children who just got money to buy candies. Now, standing in front of the hospital, Eren gulped. Trying to regain his composure, Eren stepped inside. Armin followed.

Facing Levi after their last argument - if that could be said as an argument - was rather nerve wrecking. Wondering if Levi wanted to meet him again, Eren stared at the reception desk.

“Eren.” Armin pushed him, giving him the courage.

“But what if we are blood related?”

“Then you two can have some talk. If you are not, then you two have nothing to worry about.”

Eren stared at him.

“Nothing will happen if you just stood there without doing anything.” Armin patted his arm.

Nodding, the brunette walked to the reception desk, wishing to call Levi.

They waited for about half an hour since Levi got a patient which need to be taken care of.

Armin phone flashed, he looked down to his phone and smiled after seeing the picture. He quickly closed it when Eren looked to his side.

“Is it Jean?” Eren asked out of boredom.

“Hmm? Yes. He wants me to come over. He is playing games with Marco.” He explained rather innocently.

Eren raised an eyebrow. “With Marco again? I wonder why you still going out with him. They could have fooled you, Armin.”

“Nah, it's just a matter of trust. And I love him.” Them. Having Jean with a bonus of Marco, Armin couldn’t protest. If anything, he felt like he was blessed for having the two of them.

“What did he send you?”

“Just the picture of game he was playing…” Armin mumbled and quickly put his phone in his pocket.

“Oh? Must have some stupid shooting games.”

Armin snorted and laughed. “Yes, shooting games.” Which will end up spraying their seeds everywhere and make a mess on the bed. Now Armin really want to join them. His skin tingled with anticipation.

“Do you want to go? You can go ahead if you want to.”

Armin’s face flushed. “No, it’s alright. I will wait until Levi get you.”

“You can go. I’m here.”

Both boys looked at Levi with his doctor attire, staring at both of them.


Levi looked at Eren. “You still come even if I drove you away, huh? Persistent brat.”

“Levi, I want to have DNA test!” Eren blurted out as soon as he stood.

Levi’s eyes widened. “What?”

“I gave him the suggestion.” Armin stepped forward. “I believe in your current situation, that’s the only way. The document should be legal but… we need more precise result.”

“Damn brats.” Levi hissed at the two boys in front of him. “Did Mikasa said anything to you?”

Eren frowned. “Mikasa? You met my sister to talk about this? So, you really are…”

“We will have a DNA test.” Levi quickly cut him.


Armin smiled. He patted his best friend’s back.

“Then I will be going now, Eren.”

“Ah, alright. Thank you, Armin.”

The blond bowed to Levi and leave them to have some more privacy.

An awkward silent went through them right after Armin left. Eren cleared his throat, awkwardly shifting his feet on the floor.

“What will you do if the result told us we are indeed brother? Do you want to end this?” Levi brought his hand to caresses Eren’s cheek.

“No!” Eren shook his head, holding his hand in place. He cupped Levi’s hand that was on his cheek, staring into his beady eyes as if he might disappear from his sight forever. “Please, no.”

“But it’s wrong… We can’t be like this. We are not allowed to be together if we are blood related.” Levi whispered, now pressing his forehead against Eren’s. Those gorgeous green eyes of his glistened as he tried to hold his sadness within him.

“I refuse to end this… even if we are brothers...”

“Eren… I must have gone nuts with the thought of ravishing my own brother.”

Eren snorted. “You almost did…” He gave him a forced smile.

Levi brushed the tears at the corner of his eyes, kissing his nose. Their lips meet within seconds, with sweet tender touches. Levi hussed his brother when Eren sniffled between the kiss.

“Don’t do that again. I thought I’ve lost you.” Eren whispered, pulling on Levi’s white cloak.

“I’m sorry. I don’t even know what to do in a time like that. I did drove you away so I can think by myself. I don’t want to throw my frustration upon you, Eren.”

Eren pressed his face against his chest, practically clinging to his brother.

“How come you didn’t tell me what happened? Why?”

“Looks like I have so many things to share, huh?” Levi chuckled while patting on Eren’s head.


Armin text back Jean.

“How dare you send me a pic like that, Eren is beside me.”

Three seconds later Jean send another photo of his dick rubbing against Marco’s pierced dick. The jewel of the pierced glistened due to the flash of the camera. Armin chortled at it, cheeks flushing brightly. Grinning, he quickly took a taxi to join them.


Armin is such an angel.. Yeaa… /laughs

Cherishing You [Chp11]
Having been separated from his brother ever since he was a baby, Eren didn't remember his face aside from his baby photos. He soon found himself slowly getting attached to the new guy who suddenly appeared in his family's bakery during the first day he moved. RiRen AU Incest Modern Days

Genre: Drama | Romance | AU | Sibling Incest | Rating: M | Pairing: (mainly) Levi x Eren
Invitation by AsakuraHannahDA
Yasusada is reaching for your hand to guide you walking around the city of edo, while Kashuu waiting for you to follow, is what I'm thinking about when I first picture it ^^ I'm sorry for the messy background ahahah

Chp1 | Chp2 | Chp3 | Chp4 | Chp5 | Chp6 | Chp7 | Chp8 | Chp9 | Chp10 | Chp11

Cherishing You

Genre: Drama | Romance | AU | Incest | Modern Days

Rating: M

Pairing: (mainly) Levi x Eren, and some other pairing which will be added as the story progressing.

Summary: Having separated from his brother ever since he was a baby, Eren didn't remember the face of his older brother aside from his baby photos. He soon found himself slowly attached to the new guy who appeared in his family's bakery during the first day of his moving.

Disclaimer: I don't own Shingeki no Kyoujin, but this fanfiction is mine. ©AsakuraHannah

Levi eyed the trashcan. The file was there, untouched. Not that he wanted to touch the dirty documents right after he threw them away. That Ian guy looked like he knew something he didn't. Strange enough, it was all related to Eren's brother. His frown went deeper. Eren had yet to give any information about his brother like he promised. They were just getting together. He didn't feel like he was rushing things on him. In this situation, the information about Rivaille was getting on his nerves. The fact that Farlan brought it up as if this Rivaille went missing instead of… passed away during the accident made it fishy. This afternoon, that Ian guy sought him up again, trying to coach things out.

A person stood in front of Levi, blocking his way up to his apartment. Levi recognized the guy as the intelligence who came into his door step in the other day. There were several envelopes in his arms.

" What do you want?" Levi crossed his arms.

" Have you checked the document?" The man asked.

" Why do you insist I'm that boy? Don't you have another person in your list?" He scoffed, grimacing at him.

" Are you trying to hide your identity or…?"

" I'm not trying to hide anything, this is getting ridiculous!" Levi raised his voice, glowering as the man walked closer to him.

" This is the new file I received upon the investigation. If you are not related with this boy who was missing, then you have nothing to worry about. I just want to hear your childhood-"

" What if I refuse to tell you anything? You can't force me. Besides, I don't know if you really are a person working as intelligence."

" I'm working with the Scouting Legion."

' Scouting Legion, huh? Not everyone can work there. He must be some high ranking intelligence.'

" If you doubt me, I have the legal crest and letter. You can check them, I will show you. The only thing you need to think carefully is about these documents. If you are that boy, I'm sure there are a lot of things to talk about."

Strange thoughts started appearing in his mind. What if he actually was Rivaille? Eren's brother? Farlan had even mistaken him as Rivaille. Trying to turn blind eyes on the matter will make it worse. He clasped his hands together, unconsciously trembling by the force.

He was in a deep thought that he failed to notice a sound as a door slid open.

"Levi?" Eren's voice made him jump.

The boy blinked at him questioningly.

"Ooh hi." He mumbled shortly at his boyfriend.

"Are you alright?" Eren asked, setting a bag of bread on his lap.

Levi took the bag and peeked inside. New bread sample created by Eren.

"You made new bread again? What is it called this time? Don't give me that 'A call from Heaven' shit like last time. You have a bad taste for naming your bread." Levi picked one and took a small bite.

"I decided to name the bread "Eren"!"

The raven haired man choked between his munching, coughing several times.

"Levi, are you alright?!" The boy panicked, oblivious to what he just said. He grabbed the nearest water glass and gave it to Levi. Levi gulped down the water, and hit Eren right on the head.

"Stop naming your bread after yourself!"

"That hurt!" The boy protested, winching in pain. "What the hell, Levi? It's not bleeding is it?" He looked at his palm to check if there was some blood.

"Stupid." Levi sighed and put the bread away. The lingering taste between his tongue had some kind of caramel and chocolate mixed together.

"Chocolate Caramel sounds about right."

"That's boring." Eren pouted.

Levi glared at him.

"Uhh… never mind the name. You look so serious when I entered the room. You didn't even notice my knocking. Did something happen?" The boy sat beside his boyfriend, seeking answers.

Levi sighed and shook his head. "Nothing you need to be concern about." He patted his head and Eren leaned against his shoulder.

Enjoying the caress on his head, the boy snuggled closer to Levi.

"You need to share your problems with me. I'm here to listen."

His boyfriend chuckled at him. "Are you my psychiatrist now?"

"Of course! You can't help yourself, so let me help you."

Levi leaned down to peck his lips. Eren's cheeks turned pink by the gesture. He enjoyed seeing him submitted almost immediately. The boy was so obvious. He kissed him on his warm cheek, gracing his way down his jaw and kissed on his Adam apple.

"Levi…" Eren wrapped his arms around Levi's nape, closing his eyes when his boyfriend marked him on his collarbone.

" Rivaille…"

A voice made his heart thump. He pushed Eren away, making the boy yelp in surprise.

"Ah, sorry…" Levi mumbled. For a second, he got the horror in his mind. Ravishing his brother just didn't seem right. What if Eren really was his brother?

"Levi? Are you alright?" Eren softly called after him, staring in worry.

"I'm… alright… I'm alright…" He shifted away. "Let's eat the bread. I will prepare some tea." Levi mumbled. Eren stared at him puzzled.

Eren lay on his bed, staring at the locket in his hand. Inside the locket, there was a photo of Rivaille, holding him in his arms. He closed the lid, rolled to his back. His minds drifted to yesterday event between him and Levi. Something was strange about him today. No, his strange behavior started during their visit in Rivaille's grave in Trost.

'He is not regretting our relationship right?' Eren stared at the clock. It's almost 9 o'clock. Armin must have gone to sleep, he went to his cram school today. He didn't want to bother him with his current problem at this hour.

'It looks as if he was battling between his inner turmoil.' Eren closed his eyes. 'Should I start explaining about Rivaille to him? My own brother… The one Farlan said might be alive somewhere. Maybe I should check some information on his whereabouts. If he really alive…'

His ears caught rustlings sounds in the hallway. Recognizing Ian's voice, Eren immediately sat up, pacing out his room. He looked inside the dining room to find Mikasa and Ian talking over the documents scattering around the table.

"So… you mean to tell me that…"

"It could be that guy who regularly coming to the cafe every morning. You know, this might not be coincidence." Ian said while picking up the photo.

"He is…" Mikasa stunned, eyeing the photo perplexed.

"It's him. His name is Levi, I believe"

"I do felt something about him. I couldn't put a finger to what it was, though. I never thought that he might be my brother…"

"He is Eren's…" Ian trailed off.

Mikasa sighed and put down the photo.

"Please keep these matters to yourself, Ian. Let's not bring this up to my parents yet. I'm not even sure if we should pursue this case any further."

Her fiancé looked at her puzzled. "He looked like he tried to cover his identity."

Mikasa stared at the photo. She curled her fingers to her skirt, frowning in a deep thought. "I don't know how things can be so complicated like this." She bit her nail nervously. "I will try to talk about this with Eren."

"What do you want to talk to me about?"

Both Mikasa and Ian looked surprised.

"Eren…" Mikasa started.

"Good timing, Ian. I actually wanted to ask something about my brother's whereabouts."

"Huh?" Mikasa went pale. Her brother's eyes locked with her.

Judging from the look Mikasa gave him, she must have known something. Rage started welling up in his chest. "You know something about this right, Mikasa?"

"Eren, how did you-"

"You knew and you kept quiet about this?!"

"Please keep your voice down, Eren. Your parents are asleep. Don't be mad at your sister. I will tell you something about him."

"Ian…?!" Mikasa stopped interrupt when Ian raised his hand.

"Elaborate." Eren glared at Mikasa.

Ian gave him the paper. He told him about the missing brother of his and some fact that might related to Levi.

Eren's feature went pale. His eyes wandered on the paper. His eyes went back and forth from Ian and to the document he was currently holding. "Are you asking me to believe that Levi is… Rivaille?" His hands were trembling now.

Ian and Mikasa stood still, not answering.

Eren shook his head. "No… no… this is… ridiculous." He took a step back, half smiling. He clutched his forehead. "Are you telling me the person I'm currently dating is… my…" He couldn't continue his words. He bit his lips. He shook his head, trying to shake the flooding information within his head. He had kissed him without knowing, he had hugged him and even felt sexual needs for the man. To know that he was actually a person related to him by blood just didn't seem right. Eren chuckled, hissing, as his memories over the man flooded in. He stood up straight before bolting out of the door.


Ian put his hand on Mikasa's shoulder, shaking his head.

"But they were… brothers…" Mikasa whispered.

Eren ran as fast as he could. He needed some evidence; he needed someone who can rebut all of the fact that they were brothers. He clenched his fists enough to wound his palm. His feet kept on running; he almost tripped on his way to Levi's apartment. He wondered if Levi had also known about this. The fact that he was acting strange might be the one which triggered this ridiculous statement. They couldn't be blood related. He couldn't stay calm inside the train, not even he cares if he bumped someone harshly to get off the train. He quickly ran a few blocks to his apartment.

"Levi!" Eren breathed out, hollering as soon as he reached his door. He received no answer then, he tried to open the door. It wasn't locked. He quickly walked inside, ignoring the fact that he just barged inside someone's room for the second time without permission. His green eyes scanned the room, finding the trashcan filled with the torn documents. Eren quickly walked to it, picking up piece by piece, like a beggar finding some leftover food. His hands were trembling; he felt the nausea overwhelming him. As soon as he put the torn pieces together like a broken puzzle on the carpet, he saw his brother's face. His eyes watered while his face turned pale. He sat there, staring at the document for a couple of minutes.

"Eren?! What the heck, don't just enter my apartment without knocking! What are you doing? Hey, that's dirty!" Levi quickly caught up to his side, kneeling down beside him. His hair was dampened as he had finished bathing. They stared at each other for a moment before Eren's eyes turned dim. His heart thumped at the way Eren smiled bitterly at him.

"Rivaille… do you want hear the story of my brother?"

Levi's eyes widened. His eyes found the torn document in front of Eren's knees.


Cherishing You [Chp10]
Having been separated from his brother ever since he was a baby, Eren didn't remember his face aside from his baby photos. He soon found himself slowly getting attached to the new guy who suddenly appeared in his family's bakery during the first day he moved. RiRen AU Incest Modern Days

Genre: Drama | Romance | AU | Sibling Incest | Rating: M | Pairing: (mainly) Levi x Eren
Removed spider webs off from my deviantart xD
I guess it's time to finally take a good look around me and start focus on one thing which is drawing... and literature... alright, it's not one, its two lol
I will try to take back what's taken from my time... Such a great loss but I'm gaining it back again! :3

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